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The Team
SecurityTrax is comprised of a handful of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds - all of which bring an added measure of talent and expertise from their respective fields.



Jeff brings strong technological and business experience to SecurityTrax. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

During his time at BYU he started HiValley, LLC - a successful technology consulting business from which SecurityTrax was created. Prior to HiValley, LLC he worked as a Software Engineer for Novell, Inc.

While Champion in the pole vault.

Jeff is originally from Parma, Idaho, but currently resides In West Mountain, Utah. An Eagle Scout, he is active in his church, for which he served a two-year mission to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He enjoys spending time with wife, two daughters, and one son. He also enjoys traveling.


Vice President

Travis brings more than 10 years of development and IT experience to SecurityTrax. He graduated from Brigham Young University with Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

Previous to SecurityTrax Travis spent time testing software and hardware at scale and deep diving into network analysis.

In his downtime he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, reading, research, and physical training.


Director, Client & Partner Services

Dan brings a wealth of product and services knowledge along with client relationships to our team. He has worked at SecurityTrax since early 2011.

Prior to SecurityTrax he ran his own mortgage company and has over 13 years experience in the mortgage and real estate industry which has instilled in him a sense of customer satisfaction, and prompt responsiveness to our clients and partners.

He is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he also competed on the Track & Field team but just not to the level of Jeff Hansen.

When not busy with work and other responsibilities he spends time with his wife and five young children.


Director, Sales & Marketing

More than 20 years in various positions at one of Utah's leading homebuilders provides a well-rounded backdrop to a multitude of disciplines - from the installation of equipment to cost / retail management, sales & marketing strategies, and administration.

When not in the office, Chris can typically be found on the sidelines of one of his kids' soccer games or enjoying a newly released movie at the theater.


Product Manager

With 5 years’ experience in IT product management, Brandon brings to the team a combination of technology and business expertise. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Brigham Young University, earned an MBA from the University of Utah and is a certified Project Management Professional.

Outside the office, Brandon loves to enjoy the great outdoors. He and his family can often be found hiking, camping and exploring the mountainous regions of Utah. He is also a sports fanatic and is known to take the game a bit too seriously. His dream is to live long enough to see his beloved Cubs win the World Series and break the century long drought. Brandon also enjoys vintage video games, movies, and reading.


Project Manager

Elizabeth (Liz) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She has more than three years experience in Project and Program Management with and in-depth knowledge of software project management processes. Liz previously worked as a Research & Development Chemist developing products for a Fruits and Flavors Company.

Her favorite thing in the world is being a mom to her two beautiful kids. When she’s not managing projects at work, she loves spending quality time with her husband and kids.


Project Manager

John was raised in a military family and is purported to be the first recorded American baby born in Bad Toelz, Germany. He values the diverse cultures, languages, and religions experienced first-hand all over the world and reads & writes in four languages.

His career in software development and project management has spanned over 30 years, across multiple disciplines (hardware & software manufacturing, document management, law publishing, synthetic diamond manufacturing, fast food point-of-sale, and personal care & pharmaceutical). He successfully founded and managed a Software Development Company, based in Utah, that first brought computerize municipal code publishing and codification to cities and counties nationwide, eventually selling his company to the second largest Publishing Company in the country.

He has successfully managed numerous enterprise-wide, multi-million dollar projects from inception to deployment (Data Warehouse, Inventory Management, Return Merchandise Authorization, Human Resources), using various PM methodologies, development platforms, and business intelligence tools, which inevitably led to establishing and managing the Project Management Office (PMO), including 15 PMPs (Project Management Professionals), of a multi-billion-dollar corporation in Utah.

He has always been involved in the visual and performing arts, participating in numerous musical stage productions and singing groups. While living in Thailand, he regularly performed on national television as lead singer and MC for a music group, often performing with popular Thai celebrities. His serious hobbies also include amateur Astronomy and experimental Psychology and is a published author.


Hr / Recruiting Business Partner

Mark graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors in Business Management. He brings more than 6 years of experience of finding top quality candidates for multiple companies, helping both large and small companies grow. He has 5 years of HR experience and strives to create and maintain a fun, exciting, and friendly company culture. He loves what he does and enjoys helping everyone succeed. When not at work, Mark is busy hanging out with his wife and three kids.


Technical Project Manager

With five years working at SecurityTrax specializing in PHP, MySQL, and HTML, 'Boo' has an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of SecurityTrax.

He can usually be found up to his elbows in code or on a call assisting a client when he's in the office. He's known to spend time with his family, his scout troop, or on the racquetball or basketball court when not hunkered down within the glow of his favorite computer.


Software Engineer

Being able to communicate with computers in any one of approximately 15 languages is just one of Colby’s many talents. Since he was a young child, Colby’s been writing various computer programs and more recently he’s developed a strong interest in building all types of software that run “in the cloud”.

Having spent just shy of two years working at SecurityTrax, Colby is familiar with its inner-workings and is constantly working to add new features so that Trax remains a step beyond cutting-edge.

When Colby isn’t working he’s usually learning in one way or another – building a computer version of a board game he enjoys, reading through posts on, or sitting in class at a university in pursuit of additional higher-education. Colby also enjoys hanging out with family and friends, reading and swimming.


Software Engineer

George has been a true comic book, video game, and movie nerd even before being so was considered popular. He became fascinated with technology due to the many science fiction movies watched growing up, so it was inevitable that George would be involved with computers and how to make them work.

As a family man and Computer Science graduate from BYU, George brings his passion for technology to SecurityTrax. He has found that developing software gives him a large sense of fulfillment, and he has been able to exercise and hone his skills at SecurityTrax while working with a great team.


Software Engineer

Dustin Uresk is from the thriving metropolis of Roosevelt, Utah. He has been writing code full time for over 10 years and has been a nerd his whole life. Although he did not invent the internet, he has spent quite a bit of time on it. He is constantly reading up on new technologies and working to perfect current ones.

He is married to an awesome wife and they have 3 amazing kids. Although Dustin is not exactly athletic, he does enjoy having lightsaber fights with his kids. He also enjoys BBQ and can often be found babysitting his smoker while waiting for the meat to reach perfection.


Software Engineer

Originally from Provo UT, Andrew studied computer science at BYU and has been doing web application development ever since. He is a semi-professional landscape photographer who has been doing large format photography for over 10 years and does art shows in Utah periodically. He loves music, exercise, NBA basketball, exploring the outdoors and spending time with his wife and four children.

He learned Cantonese on his two-year LDS mission to New York City. Most nights you’ll find Andrew coding or working on some new project where he lives with his family in Spanish Fork.


Software Engineer

Since writing his first code at 15, Mike has always been fascinated with how technology can be used to solve problems and save time. Mike has been coding professionally for four years and has prior experience implementing CRM and BI software in the REIT industry, and coding applications and websites for Brigham Young University.

Outside of work, Mike keeps himself busy. He is very involved in music, among other things, and enjoys singing, composing, teaching voice lessons, and directing choirs for his church. In his free time, Mike enjoys reading, hiking, camping, and yes, programming. Most of all, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife and three children.


Software Engineer

Caleb has come a long way from writing math tools and simple games for the TI® calculators in high school. Since graduating from UVU in 2014 with an Information Systems degree, he has devoted himself to learning the art and science of web application development. He loves all varieties of technology and tries to improve his environment through unique implementations of technology.

When the work day is over, Caleb enjoys playing his favorite computer game or spending time with his family - especially teaching his 9-year-old daughter how to code.


Software Engineer

Thomas got his start early on in life with programming when at 11 years old he decided to program his own video game. Turns out programming a video game is no small feat, and instead of crafting the masterful RTS he had planned he ended up with a simple etch a sketch program. Either way, though he was hooked and began spending much of his free time writing code, drinking Mt Dew, and destroying his hearing with loud headphones.

He’s excited to join SecurityTrax with its interesting project and rapid growth and looks forward to helping make SecurityTrax the best it can be over the coming years.


Software Engineer

Brett started programming websites in the days of dial-up modems, combining his love of technology and passion for sports by building basketball fan websites as a hobby. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a BS degree in Electronics and Information Technology, Brett started his career in I.T. and Client Services but quickly found a way to combine his hobby with his career.

In his free time, when he isn't watching or playing sports, he likes exploring the outdoors with his wife and 4 children, or enjoying a good movie.


Web Developer

A small town boy at heart, Blake enjoys working at SecurityTrax. Growing up when home computers were just starting out, Blake has always had an interest in all things computer related. This interest eventually led him into the field of programming and web development. When he isn’t busy pursuing his education, Blake equally enjoys sitting in a movie theater and going hiking.


Web Developer

When he’s not hunting chupacabras, collecting unicorn tears or enjoying time with his family, Marc spends his time perfecting the art of programming be it from school, work or personal projects.


Account Manager

Jake was born and raised close to Provo, Utah. He is currently attending college at Utah Valley University studying Information Technology with an emphasis in Network Administration and Security.

His work at SecurityTrax provides opportunity to focus on two things that bring him the most satisfaction: His family, and helping others achieve their goals - especially when technology is involved.

Jake is recently married and enjoys spending time with his new wife. He can also be found researching clever ways to make life better and more efficient with computers or networking tools, watching movies/TV, playing football, soccer, basketball, or volleyball. (He stands at 6’5” with a size 15 shoe making him currently the tallest athlete in the office.)


Account Manager

Justin graduated from Utah Valley University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Technology Management. He enjoys continually improving his unique skillset of creativity and problem-solving. When not at work, Justin is can be found spending time with his wife and four kids. He loves taking his family outdoors, specifically camping, hiking, boating, and fishing.

If he's not with his family he can be found anywhere there is a lake, river, or a stream as Justin is an avid fisherman.