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Matthew Brandon | National Sales Manager | Avantguard

Dealers and Prospects of ours have been asking for a simplistic approach to managing their accounts from one portal that coincides with our central station software platform (Stages). SecurityTrax eliminates time from the process and adds features so Dealers can feel organized and have all information available electronically.

As a company grows, it needs a tool that can run sales reports, electronic contract management, inventory management etc. SecurityTrax is a long-term tool that can save your company money not having to provide additional staff and service fees. It’s a 21’st century solution for growing Security Dealers.

Shawn Barry | VP Field Sales | Alarm.com
Automate your business and incorporate best practices through SecurityTrax. This CRM system is designed to optimize your efficiency that will increase your revenue while lowering your attrition. This platform has direct API integration with Alarm.com IoT platform. This is one tool that will help you defend your turf!

Allen Sellars | Advantage Security Corp.

The money that I spent on FedEx I now use to pay SecurityTrax but have much less time and expense processing paperwork and get funding much quicker. Plus no clean up on paperwork.

Mark Sessa | ASC Security USA

We were introduced to ST by another dealer several years ago. While looking for a CRM, we learned that SecurityTrax was much more than that and have grown very dependent on the system. Scheduling, linking up with partners, payroll assistance, etc are great features.

We absolutely depend on ST and a walk through our offices will show EVERY employee is logged in constantly.

Craig Weingartner | GHS Security

Jeff [Hansen],

Thank you so much for your help with API and TRULY helping us have a stable environment. You and your team are AWESOME!!!

Thank you again so much!!!

Curtiss Weinstein | SafeStreets USA

Running an Alarm Business without SecurityTrax is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I truly do not understand how we managed our business without it.

Kevin Gaylord | President | Gaylord Security
Without a doubt, the lead tracking portion of SecurityTrax has helped us generate more sales. As an owner I am able to see what's happening with each lead. With this software I know who is selling what, who installed it, and when. Best of all I can see it all from any Internet connection.

Joe Kenney | Sr VP of Operations | SafeStreets USA
SecurityTrax allows our technicians, sales people, administrative support team, and managers to communicate in 'real time' with each other to reduce errors caused by less reliable forms of communication.