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3 Time-Saving SecurityTrax Features You Can Implement Today

We can all use a little more time to finish our to-do lists. Whether you're a large corporation with hundreds of employees or a new start-up, every minute counts. SecurityTrax offers a wide range of time-saving features specifically built for smart security dealers. Utilize the tips below to help maximize the productivity of your work day - or night.

1) Tag You're It

SecurityTrax Tags allow you to apply a small piece of information to a Lead, Customer, or User. A series of Tags can be created to match the workflow of your business.

Personnel within your organization would be assigned to specific workflow Tags. As a workflow is completed they removed the Tag and the next Tag in the process could be automatically set to apply.

A manager or owner could easily sort through the Leads and Customers to see the progression and quickly identify bottlenecks in their processes.

2) Get Your Notification On

Let SecurityTrax notify you and your team when a sale gets completed, or your tech know that their next appointment is in 30 minutes, or your sales rep know that an installation for their client just got completed.

All of these notifications, and more, can be set up to automatically be sent within SecurityTrax via email and/or SMS text message. (*texting charges may apply)

3) Set Recurring Billing to Automated

Easily create Recurring Invoices to run in the background - even when you're not in the office. SecurityTrax will email an invoice, process a payment, and send your customer a receipt. And if the payment fails, SecurityTrax will notify the customer and you'll be able to run a report for all failed payments at any time.

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