Upgrade to the New SecurityTrax

The FAQ and Upgrade form below outline the most direct path to begin using the New SecurityTrax.
Feel free to reach out to us at SUPPORT or 833-GET-TRAX if you have any additional questions.


I am NOT an existing SecurityTrax client, when can I start using the New SecurityTrax?

Your new site can be created in minutes here: SIGN UP TODAY.

I am an existing SecurityTrax user, when can I start using the new SecurityTrax?

We will begin upgrading existing client on or around April 1st. We will prioritize upgrading based on:

– Feature fit for requesting dealer

– Readiness of dealer

– Requesting order

How complicated of a process is it to upgrade to the New SecurityTrax?

There are multiple factors that will impact the complexity of the upgrade:

– The number of employees using SecurityTrax

– The scope of features currently used in SecurityTrax

– The number of 3rd party integrators that need to be upgraded as well

– The amount of data that will need to go through migration process

What data will I lose if I transition to the New SecurityTrax?

None. All of your data will be retained during and after the upgrade. However, some features work differently in the New SecurityTrax and therefore will require either:

– An automated migration process (funding and payables payments)

– New setup (permissions)

How much will the New SecurityTrax cost?

Visit PRICING for the updated pricing structure.

For existing SecurityTrax clients who are upgrading, the updated pricing structure will not take effect until the company is fully upgraded to the New SecurityTrax.

If you have additional questions please contact us at INFO.

Can I use both versions of SecurityTrax simultaneously?

While this is technically possible there are several good reasons NOT to do this. Therefore, we will adhere to the following general plan:

– Allow access to the New SecurityTrax to small set of administrative users for setup and review (30 days maximum).

– Once ready, move all users to the New SecurityTrax.

– For a limited time allow a small set of administrative users access to Legacy SecurityTrax (30 days maximum).

When do we need to be off of 'Legacy' SecurityTrax?

We are targeting March of 2021 for the retirement of Legacy SecurityTrax.


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