SecurityTrax is a comprehensive web-based customer and lead management system created exclusively for security system dealers. SecurityTrax provides dealers with the tools and information they need to manage day-to-day business operations, as well as to maximize efficiency in execution. From the shell to intelligent technician scheduling to equipment and payroll, this system helps keep its clients organized and focused on what matters most... helping their own customers and further increasing the bottom line.

SecurityTrax is designed for use in the office and on the go. The full web version interfaces with all major Internet browsers and platforms, leaving the office free to work using any browser, no matter whether it's with an Apple or PC. SecurityTrax also has a software version designed specifically for mobile devices. This version presents a clean, user-friendly interface that makes information easily accessible to system users with a tablet or smart phone and an Internet connection.


Quotes & Invoices Enhancement

Quoting and invoicing just got easier.

Security Enhancements - PCI Compliance

SecurityTrax pushes towards formal PCI compliance. New security features provide added layers of protection for all SecurityTrax customers.

User Notifications & Form Defaults Enhancements

Users can now manage and receive real-time notifications directly from SecurityTrax. Form defaults speed data entry and reduce human error.

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Kevin Gaylord | President | Gaylord Security

Without a doubt, the lead tracking portion of SecurityTrax has helped us generate more sales. As an owner I am able to see what's happening with each lead. With this software I know who is selling what, who installed it, and when. Best of all I can see it all from any Internet connection.

Joe Kenney | Sr VP of Operations | SafeStreets USA

SecurityTrax allows our technicians, sales people, administrative support team, and managers to communicate in 'real time' with each other to reduce errors caused by less reliable forms of communication.

Peter Smul | General Manager | Security Choice

SecurityTrax enables us to seamlessly interact with our network dealers, passing customer information back and forth without requiring redundant phone calls and emails. In addition to making our order delivery system more efficient for the dealers, SecurityTrax created a scheduling interface that makes it possible to schedule customer installations in real time, greatly enhancing the customer experience and reducing the number of canceled orders. Everyone benefits.