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platform for security and
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What Can SecurityTrax Do For You?

Access Your Business and Customer Data No Matter Where You Are


Conveniently track outstanding equipment orders, on-hand, or usage amounts on individual users or across multiple locations.


Create appointments for sales reps and technicians with full schedule visibility. Supports intelligent proximity-based scheduling.


Seamlessly process one-time or recurring customer payments for deposit directly into your bank account.

“As a company grows, it needs a tool that can run sales reports, electronic contract management, inventory management etc. SecurityTrax is a long-term tool that can save your company money not having to provide additional staff and service fees. It’s a 21’st century solution for growing Security Dealers.”
Matthew Brandon | National Sales Manager | Avantguard


Generate line-itemized quotes, one-time, or automatically recurring invoices.


Utilize templates in your DocuSign account for effortless eContract creation.


Alert technicians prior to installation that a permit or registration may be required.


Simplify the collection of key operational metrics for making knowledge-based decisions.


Easily create, assign, and track general tasks or customer service requests.


Leverage your calculation methods to generate sales rep and technician commission amounts.


Expedite communication using dozens of pre-built, automatic notifications related to workflow.


Produce email and SMS message templates with pre-populating fields to stay in contact with your customers.


Seamlessly pull credit scores and reports utilizing your credit bureau account.


Create entries using defined payment criteria. Easily track and bulk update payment status.


Archive important documents or images throughout the entire customer life cycle.


Attribute custom pieces of information to a customer for categorization or defining workflows.

Get Connected
Leverage our integrations with key industry partners. Say ‘goodbye’ to manually re-entering customer data. Say ‘hello’ to efficiencies translated to your bottom line.


Developer friendly API’s enable dealers to effortlessly enter lead or customer data from public-facing websites.

Super Charged

Constant monitoring and optimization of databases and integrations keep load times minimized.

When each of the integrations below were built, careful consideration was placed on maximizing existing workflows. The end result is a more streamlined experience. For example: Display Event History in Rapid Response, Override Geo-Coded Street Addresses in Stages environments, find support for Soft Pulls in TransUnion US, and Decision Power in Equifax.

Additionally, BRINKS Dealers will find support for Residential and Commercial eContracts, Required eContract IDs for quicker funding, Credit Report Match Override, and Customized System Type Defaults.











Integration with Alarm.com

Access a suite of pre and post installation tools to achieve new levels of efficiencies with the combined functionality of Alarm.com and SecurityTrax. The best part is that the integration continues to get even better – including support for Customer Billing and multiple Alarm.com Dealer Partner accounts.

‘Managed User Access’ provides you with a simplified method for managing credentials while providing more control over which users can utilize your Alarm.com account tools via SecurityTrax.

Create a Commitment or Customer seamlessly by utilizing the tools listed below within SecurityTrax.

  • Add Ons (including Doorbell)
  • Billing Integration
  • Branch ID
  • Central Station Forwarding
  • Custom Template Packages
  • Customer Lead System (CLS)
  • Emergency Customer Update (by end customer)
  • Low Coverage Errors
  • Package
  • Panel Type
  • Place Accounts Online
  • Property Type
  • Signal History (view prior 24 hours)
  • Single Sign On User Tracking
  • Upsell and Service Tracking

Creating an account via SecurityTrax enables one-click access to Alarm.com’s System Check, 6 Best Practices, and Trouble Conditions along with the tools listed below.

  • Add Default Notifications
  • AirFX Panel Template
  • Change Service Plan
  • Confirm Primary Email
  • Download to Panel
  • Email Welcome Letter
  • Get System Check Results
  • Resent Customer Password
  • Show Customer Information
  • Show Full Equipment List
  • Show Last CS Event Date
  • Show Last Message Date
  • Show Logins
  • Show Modem Activation Status
  • Show Signal Strength History
  • Show Trouble Conditions
  • Swap Modem
  • Terminate Customer
  • Update Central Station Information
  • Update Customer Branch
  • View User Codes

“This platform has direct API integration with the Alarm.com IoT platform. This is one tool that will help you defend your turf!”

Shawn Barry | Alarm.com

“Coming from the door to door side of the business I realized, before I even began thinking about owning my own business, that I would need a CRM that managed not only my customers and sales process, but was also able to keep files and smoothly integrate with all of my vendors. The outcome has been great, I have no regrets and I can’t wait to grow with this company!”

Kirk Roberson | Platinum Protection LLC
Based Access
Conveniently Allocate Tools and
Resources for Users and Groups


Attribute View, Create, Edit, and Delete settings to provide nearly endless access combinations.

User Groups

Organize system-wide access by user or permission groups. Supports unlimited custom groups.


Automatically generate records of user interaction. Capture modifications made to a customer and by which user.


Establish identical permission structures across all locations or teams. Easily modify for each as needed.


Control notifications, appointments, and additional feature visibility based on your user’s role.


Provide access to customer records based on a user’s office location and their superior’s access.


Institute a set number of days sales reps and technicians can access their customer records.


Quickly compare permission settings by access level, location, or user to administer user and group access.


Easily copy permissions from a user or group for faster provisioning.

“The money that I spent on FedEx I now use to pay SecurityTrax but have much less time and expense processing paperwork and get funding much quicker. Plus no clean up on paperwork.”
Allen Sellars | Advantage Security Corp.
Easily Track Equipment from
Vendor to Technician to Customer


Generate PO’s automatically upon hitting a defined threshold to maximize cashflow.


Effortlessly order equipment for an entire fleet, location, or user with a few clicks.


Organize faulty equipment into categories for sending back to the proper distributor.

“SecurityTrax allows our technicians, sales people, administrative support team, and managers to communicate in ‘real time’ with each other to reduce errors caused by less reliable forms of communication.”
Joe Kenney | Sr VP of Operations
SafeStreets USA


Capture lost or misplaced equipment data to create a complete picture of your equipment budget.


Gain insight on company-wide equipment usage trends or specific equipment usage per user.


Beginning in 2004, SecurityTrax started with a main purpose of storing customer contact information. As more dealers began using the platform, additional features were added to further support the ever-growing security and home automation industry.

SecurityTrax is now the leading cloud-based platform custom built for the security and automation industry, providing business owners, office staff, sales reps, and technicians a wide variety of real-time smart tools to more efficiently manage daily workflows.

Several of the most successful security dealers across North America use SecurityTrax to manage everything from call centers and inventory to payroll and service tracking. The platform is scalable – meaning support for security providers of any size is available.

In April of 2015, Alarm.com (Nasdaq:ALRM), the leading platform solution for the connected home and business acquired SecurityTrax.


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