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Release on February 2, 2023

SecurityTrax development is ongoing to provide you with the best product. We hope you are liking what you see!

Check it out and let us know what you think.

        You can now create multiple appointments at once with one or more technicians with the new Bulk Scheduler Profile. Note that an appointment is created for each technician selected during create. Learn more…
        The Messages tab on the customer record will now include an Accounting Messages section that will show all accounting items that are sent to customers such as invoices, quotes, statements and more. Learn more…
        Hover over (click if on mobile) User icons to view an updated user preview card with more details such as tags, and an improved look and feel.
        The Profit / Loss card on customer dashboard has updated logic around the Equipment Costs. Any equipment that has an install status of Removed or a wire type of Existing will no longer count towards equipment costs total.
        The error message that appears when trying to add an Account Number when there are no more available to add has been updated to be clearer about the error and solution.
        A new policy on Customer Notes can be set in order to restrict the Note Types that logged in users has access to.
        To avoid confusion, contacts will have Enhanced Verification set to off by default for all dealers except ADT dealers. To change this setting go the Defaults in Company Settings and you will see this setting in the Customer Contact Defaults section of the Customer tab.
        We have fixed a couple of bugs with Global Search causing issues when using the Search by All and also when searching for a name with an apostrophe.
        On equipment, turning on the slider to copy description as well as the slider to copy the sale price are now working as expected and copying the data onto the Invoice Billable Item.
        The Work Order / Appointment Sheet pdf formatting has been fixed.

    Release on January 19, 2023

    p>SecurityTrax development is ongoing to provide you with the best product. We hope you are liking what you see!

    Check it out and let us know what you think.

          Customer Tasks Report Object is available. This new report type will allow you to build your own Customer Tasks based report and customize filters and columns you would like to have.
          Equipment Transfers Source or Target is Logged in User is a New policy on Equipment Transfers that will now allow a user to see both their inbound and outbound transfers on their My Inventory page.
        • ALARM.COM
          An error message caused by sub dealer accounts attempting to retrieve branches during the creation of an account has been resolved and will no longer show.
        • REPORTS
          A couple of issues with Reports have been fixed. First, the report filter Date Specification has now been updated to default to a Date option. This update will prevent any errors from occurring as a result of no selection taking place. We have also fixed the issue with sorting when a report has grouped sections.

      Release on January 5, 2023

      SecurityTrax development is ongoing to provide you with the best product. We hope you are liking what you see!

      Check it out and let us know what you think.

            When converting or declining a Purchase Requisition, a new Notes to Requester field allows the inventory admin to leave notes for the purchase requisition submitter.
          • CALENDAR MAP
            We have made a few updates to the company calendar and scheduling calendar. First, when scheduling using the default scheduling profile, you will now see a map icon next to each technician. Click on this map icon to see the technician’s route for the day as well as where the customer being scheduled is located. Also, on the company calendar we improved the color schemes to better show each technician’s route clearly. And finally, we added the technician’s starting location with a home icon.
            On the company accounting Invoices page, you can now filter by customer tags as well as invoice tags.
          • TECH AT WORK
            While on Tech at Work, you will now see a new section called Sales Information that includes some pertinent information for the technician without needing to go to the customer record.
            The global search now shows if a customer has been canceled with the word Canceled in red next to their name.
          • INVENTORY
            We made some improvements to Inventory. When a Purchase Requisition is converted to a Purchase Order, the comments will now carry over to a new Purchase Requisition Comments field within the Purchase Order. Also, the comments field on Purchase Orders is now larger to accommodate more notes.
          • REPORTS
            Customer Payment type reports now include the option to add a column for Business Name.
          • USER PREVIEW
            The user preview was incorrectly showing the user HR notes. We have removed those and now show only Tech Notes for users that are technicians.

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