SecurityTrax development is ongoing to provide you with the best product. We are focusing on more internal testing and fixing bugs quicker to help improve the overall performance and user experience. In this release there are several fixes to bugs we found internally, some of which are listed below. We hope you are liking what you see!

Check it out and let us know what you think.

        There are new permission settings for scheduling sales appointments. Previously we just had a ‘Scheduling Profiles’ permission. That has been split into a ‘Sales Scheduling Profiles’ and a ‘Tech Scheduling Profiles’. With this release we automatically applied these new permissions to any group that previously had the scheduling profile permissions. This will allow for separate permissions for both sales and tech appointment scheduling.
        Customer and Lead phone numbers and addresses are now links when viewed on mobile devices. Select the links to make a call or look at an address on a map.
      • REPORTS
        Customer and Lead reports now include the ‘Updated at’ data point. Add this while editing your report.
        Two updates for ADT. You now only need one set of credentials for the integration. We have also added the ‘House Account Suppress QSP’ slider in the Account Data section.
      • MOBILE
        We are improving the UI and views on mobile to improve usability and flow. This includes updating menu options; changing the size of fonts, windows, and buttons; and other improvements throughout the site.
        We fixed a few minor bugs on Customer Accounting as well as we made some improvements on labeling items and other small UI fixes.