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      • TIME OFF
        User Time Off is now available on user’s My Account section. Users that have permissions to view and manage their own time off can do that by clicking on their profile picture. This will also reflect the new changes that we have made on Time off on the Admin side where you can now select the type of time you are wanting to create: One-time, Recurring, or Multiple Days.
        You will see a new Create Customer Workflow with the name of Simple Sales. This new workflow is focused on getting the customer created with some pertinent order information in an easy and simple way.
      • STAGES
        Central stations on the Stages platform have been updated to include the listen in option on creation of an account. Additionally, we have added a whitelist option for device types in the admin settings.
        We have updated the appointment lists to show the most recent appointments at the top. In addition to this, you can now also sort the appointment list by type, tech name, date, and date added.
        There are now 2 new filters on the company accounting invoice list. You can filter by Customer Default Billing Type and by Outstanding balance.
        We have updated our failed payment notification to indicate if the failed payment was done through the portal or through SecurityTrax.
        There was a bug causing the customer dashboard to not load some or all cards when a user did not have an admin permission. That permission is no longer needed and the dashboard will now load with no issues.
        The tags filter on the customer list is now working as expected.