SecurityTrax development is ongoing to provide you with the best product. We hope you are liking what you see!

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        The Global Search has been updated to allow for searching of All search categories. To do this simply select what you want to search for and in the Search by dropdown, select All. Please note that if you switch the search by to a numeric only field, any letters typed in will be removed from the search.
        We have updated the format on Invoice PDFs so that when printed, only the mailing address will appear in envelope windows.
        On the customer list, you can now click anywhere on the row to open the customer record including the customer name.
        A new section on Work Orders called Work Order Appointment Details shows the Number of Appointments and The Duration of Appointments which is the total time from when the technician checks in till they check out.
        The Equipment Details on Office Locations now allow for sorting by column and by default will be sorted alphabetically.
      • TAGS
        Tags has a new Icon everywhere. We made the icon bigger and made the counter blue for easier visibility. Also, all pending equipment (e.g. Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Spillage Reports, and RMAs) now allows for tags to be applied.
      • PAYABLES
        A couple of updates to Payables. First, when you are creating or editing a payable entry you can now assign a Payee to a Payable Entry Level in the newly added section on the level page. Also, when duplicating a line item in a Payable Entry, the name of the duplicated line will no longer include the word “duplicate” as it is unnecessary in this case.
      • INVOICES
        When sending an invoice via email, the send subject was showing the incorrect name. This has now been fixed.
        Unlinking a customer from a Central Station you are no longer using is now possible. On the Central Station section of the customer you will now see an Unlink button whenever the Central Station integration has been disconnected for whatever reason.
      • BOLD
        When shelling a customer to Bold with an account number that has previously been shelled, you will see a warning message notifying you of this. You will still be able to continue shelling, but will now be aware of the account number is already in use with Bold.
      • DOCUSIGN
        Provisioned at date is now working as expected in the DocuSign Integration settings.